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Hey fellow cock worshipers! Just a reminder or possibly the first intensive you finding out that I have a Google photos album in the cloud in which I have and continue to upload a bunch of my personal content including some longer & hi-def videos that are too big to upload here. All are welcome to join the album, it's unlocked so anyone can comment and feel free to upload pics and vids of yourself! I only ask please no commercial or professional stuff. Enjoy!!

Does this count as a core-gasm asks @Stroke2Jay from the blue bird site

It's been nearly 2 years since I've upgraded the forums software.

I'll probably upgrade it sometime next week between Mar 7 and Mar 11.

I will be making backups, but during the process I make break the site a few times.

If you get any value from my sites, please consider returning some value back to me.

does cost me money.

My hosting bills are generally around $70 / Month

You Can't Say Happiness......
Without Saying Penis!😋😘😍
HOLY COCKMEAT BATMAN!! Everybody needs to see this!!!

You Can't Say Happiness......
Without Saying Penis!😋😘😍

FINALLY!! I don't know ow what was going on there but I haven't been able to log on for around a month! Well anyway, I'm baaaack!! 😛🥒💦👀👅

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