I've been a bit busy so here's an update as to what's been happening.

Things are fine, fire is getting under control.

On the 4th I met with a guy and got fucked nicely in the woods, he pulled out and I swallowed every drop.

The next day I met with a very nice man for lunch and made arrangements for future.

Day before yesterday I guy came over I fingered his ass while worshiping his member before swallowing his thick load.

@qsub4MEN Thanks for your concern.
Things are getting better.

Happy Friday my fellow Cock worshippers. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of servicing Cock! :cock04: :cock03: :cocklover999:

Good Morning everyone!

I wish this was me right now, but unfortunately I have to work all weekend.

I hope you all are going out there and actively worshiping cock.

If so tell us about your experiences.

If not then what it the thing that is keeping you from actively worshiping cock?

Good morning.

I'm off to work, I have split days off this week, so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any worship in. 🙁.

I really love these balls.


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