i. love. butt stuffing 💕
fill my ass with big hard cocks 🍆💦

@DISCOSCOTCH @cordobaMIII I definitely prefer this method for long videos. I will eventually run out of space on the server and I'm not made of money.

I think a good rule of thumb would be, If video is under 5min and it's a vid you shot then upload here.

If you don't have ownership rights to the video or it's longer than 5min then link to it from another site.

@derekered @cordobaMIII One additional tip in sharing videos-if you upload your video to Google Photos (as well as other cloud storage platforms I think), then "share" it you will be given the option to create a link that I believe you can copy to your clipboard and then paste here. This would allow you to share a video of yourself of any length at the highest possible resolution here. I plan to give this a test later on today so you'll know if this works soon. In other news, this is my cock...

i haven't ejaculated in 4 days amd im trying to go till Saturday night. my cock is aching

feeling so addicted to my erect cock tonight. shes so hard, i dont wanna cum, i want to edge till it hurts

thank you @derekered the suggestion. the original video was 180mb 😅 enjoy my butt stuffing and cumshot

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