I would immediately fall to my knees and take in his godly member with all of my senses, rubbing his engorged cock and cum filled balls all over my face.

Then I'd let him do whatever he wants to do to any part of my body and enjoy every second of it.

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@derekered ride it still I quivered in asiissygasm then suck it dry atm

@derekered i want to feel a hard, red hot cock rubiing all over my face…. Slap my face with cock too

@derekered i would love to have that beautiful weapon tear me wide open! I love the ache of having my gay pussy stretched to the limit, it is what I call a super spreader!

@hanswood I have yet to experience something of this stature.

It sure is the kind of super spreader I want in my life.

@derekered gobble it up. run my tongue over that vein and kiss the head of that cock. beg for him to let me suck it. hold my tongue out while he smacks his throbbing dick on it. slowly wrap my lips around the head of that beautiful head and nurse on it like a popsicle. flick my tongue on his freunlum/v spot and spread my legs to show him my dripping clitty cock that's so aroused by his penis in my mouth. swallow spurt after spurt. keep his cock in my mouth until he's as hard as he is in this pic

@derekI would suck it endlessly and want it all in my ass for hoursered

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