I'm thinking about starting a weekly-ish news letter. I get the feeling that many people join up then forget they joined.

I'm hoping a Cock Worshiper Newsletter would help to keep us fresh in their minds.

Any content ideas? What would you like to see in a Cock Worshiper newsletter?

@derekered - While i do get too much shit in my in-box i’d welcome a newsletter pertaining to a subject i’m truly passionate about.

@derekered - i check in at least once a day to see if there’s any new activity. Sadly i haven’t had any news of my own to share…until today. i was showering at the gym when a very Hot Man with an amazing Cock walked out of the sauna and into the showers. i was finishing up so headed to the sauna hoping he’d do the same. He did and after a prolonged dance i finally complimented Him on His Beautiful Cock & asked if i could have a taste. He granted permission & i proceeded 2devour Him! :suck01:

@qsub4MEN that is so fucking awesome. I love that you had the balls to ask him to taste good cock. I'm not sure that I could've done that.

Somehow or brings me great pleasure to hear about your pleasure. I can't stop stroking my hard cock thinking about you going down on him.

@derekered - i’m not usually so bold, but His Cock was the most Beautiful Cock i’ve seen in a long time and i didn’t want to be kicking myself for not taking a chance. Fortunately taking a chance paid off. 😉

@derekered I'd like a "video or videos of the week". Like an intense, hi-def hypno or cock worship vids would be fun... maybe work a challenge into it with say, Jack off instructions. I think the more interactive it is the easier to keep people engaged.

@derekered I am into penis worship, so basically the only thing I believe would make sense to me is test saying how penis are beautiful and important.

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