Today I had to go to Guitar Center

It turns out that I guy I know from sniffies was in the area.

He is a totally awesome person, we met up mid way. He drove me to GC and then we went to Habitat for Humanity. (I'm need to build a house or get kicked off my land) I'd never been before. We shopped there for a few and had a great time.

Before he took me back to my car we pulled into a back parking lot where he pushed my head onto his cock and gave me a huge load.

I need more fiends like this. 😋

@derekered so hot you have so many fun cock adventures…living the life lol

@JoeSmacks Thank you very much.

I really am living the life. I sometimes loose site of that.

Works sucks, (not in a good way) bills need to be paid, my to do list is ever growing and I sometimes feel lost and alone.

None of that matters when cum is spurting into my mouth :cumanim02:

Thank you for helping me to realize that all is a lot better than I sometimes think it is.

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