I found the docs re upload limits.

40MB for video

The smaller the better as bandwidth and storage does cost me money.

Free Open Source Video Software
VidCutter -

Handbrake -

VidCoder has option for setting filesize, I haven't used it so I can't verify.


If your comfortable with the command line FFMpeg can do anything

@derekered @cordobaMIII right on man, thanks much! I've heard about the handbrake app before, heard good things about it.

In other news, this is my cock peeking at you from under my shorts...

@derekered @cordobaMIII One additional tip in sharing videos-if you upload your video to Google Photos (as well as other cloud storage platforms I think), then "share" it you will be given the option to create a link that I believe you can copy to your clipboard and then paste here. This would allow you to share a video of yourself of any length at the highest possible resolution here. I plan to give this a test later on today so you'll know if this works soon. In other news, this is my cock...

@DISCOSCOTCH @cordobaMIII I definitely prefer this method for long videos. I will eventually run out of space on the server and I'm not made of money.

I think a good rule of thumb would be, If video is under 5min and it's a vid you shot then upload here.

If you don't have ownership rights to the video or it's longer than 5min then link to it from another site.

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