It's been nearly 2 years since I've upgraded the forums software.

I'll probably upgrade it sometime next week between Mar 7 and Mar 11.

I will be making backups, but during the process I make break the site a few times.

If you get any value from my sites, please consider returning some value back to me.

does cost me money.

My hosting bills are generally around $70 / Month

@derekered I will whats try to do my part in supporting your efforts. Your cock worshipping material is good for the soul!

@JDM Thank you. I got your Cash App donation last week. I really appreciate it! :cock03:

God @derekered , I have been fixated🤩 on this pic for almost half an hour... I just love😍 your cock 🍆 especially the head!🍎 right now there's nothing I want more than my lips gliding over your precum drooling cock-I want to feel your cockhead in my mouth and feel it dripping precum in my mouth-mmmmmmm, YUM!! Your luscious cock has me stroking mine... wish I had yours here too to worship@!

@DISCOSCOTCH Thanks, it is a very nice looking cock, except the one in the pic isn't mine.

I'd like to worship it with you 😋

@derekered Oh shit... oops! Hahahaha-leave it to me to pull a bonehead maneuver like that.
Well, I suppose I'll need to be punished... I'll post some stuff from last night. If you require more, just say so & I'll up the ante. 😎

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