It's been nearly 2 years since I've upgraded the forums software.

I'll probably upgrade it sometime next week between Mar 7 and Mar 11.

I will be making backups, but during the process I make break the site a few times.

If you get any value from my sites, please consider returning some value back to me.

does cost me money.

My hosting bills are generally around $70 / Month

Thank you very much to JM for donating $66.60 to me via Cash App

That goes a long towards paying my server costs for this month!

I greatly appreciate it! :cock05:

I'd love to be where the camera is as they spray all over my face and into my open mouth.

It's the weekend!

What are you going to do to bring more cock :cock03: and cum :cumanim03: into your life?

Me, I'm trying to set up a bj this coming Tues with a guy from

I hope he doesn't flake on me.

Happy Hump day!


When was the last time you either humped or were humped?

Please elaborate on it a bit. (optional)

I think I'm going to try something new.

I can often cum hands free, usually midway through the orgasm I finish off with my hand. It feels amazing.

For the next week or so, I'm only going to cum hands free without touching at all.

I'm hoping this will leave me less satisfied and keep my libido at a higher level.

I'm curious to see how it goes. :cumanim01: :cumanim02: :cumanim03:

Yesterday I had a hot hotel meating with @Sploogeman. We talked about cock worship while fondling each other. Taking turns sucking each other ♋

I loved worshiping his cock, I could feel the masculine energy emanating from his stiff member.

I straddled him and came all over his face and chest.

Then I took his cock into my mouth and was rewarded with a huge load of delicious cum.

Afterwards we went to dinner. I had an amazing time and would love to do it again very soon.
Thank you @Sploogeman

Another nearly 100 degree day yesterday. I had to cool off for a bit.

Me floating in my 12 ft Tractor Supply pool while texting @Sploogeman about our upcoming meeting today.

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