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So right now I'm going messaging back and forth with a guy who only wants to top my ass.

I'm not really sure as I get most of my enjoyment worshiping a cock with my mouth.

I do like bottoming even though I've only done it a few times.

What do you think? Am I being selfish? Who am I do deny a cock it's pleasure, after all isn't that what it's all about? Worshiping cock. :cock05:

Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary of this Mastodon Server.

So far there are 53 of us. Most of them are lurkers or have already fallen to the wayside πŸ™

Hopefully w can get them to cum out of their shell and participate with us,

53 in about 30 days is pretty awesome though!

Please keep this site great by interacting with one another!

We are all blessed by Cock :cock02:

May your mouth be full of cock and your belly be full of cum :cock02:

Thank you all for being here! :cockanim01:

This coming Wednesday I'm going to be playing with someone on this server.

He's flying into the area on business and getting a hotel near me.

I'm not sure if he wants to be identified.

If everything goes as planned we should be in for an awesome time.

I'm so hard right now thinking about it, but I'm not going to cum until we meet.

Although I will be edging my self like crazy until then. :cockanim01: :cumanim02: :cumanim03: :suckanim01: :cumanim01:

Last Saturday I saw on sniffies that there was someone nearby.

He came over, tall slender and somewhat muscular. His cock was huge, about 8" and thick. He had nice low hanging balls and he was rock hard.

I sucked him on my front porch. Then I laid back and he squatted over me as I rubbed my cock on his hole.

His precum dripping into my mouth.

He then came a huge load into my mouth.

We talked naked for about an hour afterwards. He has a vacation property near mine.

Pic not him, but similar

Yesterday I went to Goldies in Sacramento

Never been before. They've an adult theater. Just a room with a TV.

They have video booths with glory holes.

Costs $10/hr to enter

GHs are not well done. Booths don't share a wall, holes are cut between booths, there is a gap between which means you only get to suck 3" of a 6" cock. Very lame.

I sucked 2 cocks. 1 was an older man who couldn't get fully hard. Other was a very nice bbc.

Neither one would cum for me. Maybe I'm loosing my touch πŸ™

In the past I had good results with Craigslist. When it went away I created the forums in hope that others would use it to hookup

Sites I use in order of success for me.
Grindr app

I had 1 encounter from the forums.

I've had mixed results, but I think @Sploogeman is right. It's all about persistence.

Please share your favs

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I just received $20 from someone on Cash App!

Whoever you are, if you want a supporter badge on your forum profile, DM me with your forum username and I'll get a the badge added for you.

These donations really help as my sites do cost me money and time to maintain.

For ways that you can help support me and my cock worship sites see:

I really, really appreciate it :cumanim02:

Yesterday I had a repeat cock cum over. I sucked him on my front porch.

Then we 69d while I fucked his ass with one of my butt plugs.

It didn't take long before I was rewarded with his hot salty load.

I really love cock! πŸ‘…β™‹πŸ‘…

Here's a pic of me in my garden

Good morning.

I'm off to work, I have split days off this week, so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any worship in. πŸ™.

I really love these balls.

Good Morning everyone!

I wish this was me right now, but unfortunately I have to work all weekend.

I hope you all are going out there and actively worshiping cock.

If so tell us about your experiences.

If not then what it the thing that is keeping you from actively worshiping cock?

I've been a bit busy so here's an update as to what's been happening.

Things are fine, fire is getting under control.

On the 4th I met with a guy and got fucked nicely in the woods, he pulled out and I swallowed every drop.

The next day I met with a very nice man for lunch and made arrangements for future.

Day before yesterday I guy came over I fingered his ass while worshiping his member before swallowing his thick load.

@qsub4MEN Thanks for your concern.
Things are getting better.

I had a great time with a very nice cock today. I will share all about it with you later.

Right now this is happening

This pic was taken from the end of my property. I'm not really sure, but I think I need to make plans to get out of Dodge.

I'm thinking about going to Goldies in Sacramento today to see if I can find some cocks to worship.

I've never been there. Anyone have any experience with the place?

I'd much rather find something closer with gas prices the way that they are, but locals keep flaking on me.

I'm in a pretty conservative area and everyone is worried that they're going to get outed.

If I suck your cock and I see you in public, I act like I've never met you.

I just realized that you can even drag and drop up to 4 pics into the web interface.

Also it's a good idea to click the edit button on each pic to re frame it, so it shows up better in thumbnails.

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